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Ordering Information

If I use a purchase order, when is my payment due?
Your payment is due 30 days from the date on the invoice you receive with your order.

I ordered other publications to be shipped to me in addition to a downloadable document. Why can't I pay with a purchase order?
For immediate access to downloadable documents, credit card payment is required. If you have selected a downloadable item along with your other purchases, you will need to pay by credit card. You can, however, order your other items separately and pay with a purchase order.

How will I know my order was received by TASB?
You'll receive a confirmation e-mail with your order information, an estimated shipping time, and an order reference number.

How do I ask questions about my order?
Send an e-mail message to TASB Communications or call 800-580-8272, extension 2480 or 512-505-2480. Refer to the order reference number in the order confirmation e-mail you received.

What if I'd rather mail in my order?
Print and fill out the order form completely, include your purchase order information or a check payable to TASB, and mail both to:

TASB, Inc.
P.O. Box 975112
Dallas, Texas 75397-5112

I would like to place an order for my bookstore. What do I need to know?
TASB requires bookstores to pay for merchandise with a purchase order. Orders placed by bookstores cannot be returned.